Digital Paths

Digital Paths

Corporate digitalization is one of the many challenges imposed by our historical period. Technology has in effect become an integral part of our existence, but many companies struggle to include it in their processes in a safe and constant way because this evolution involves a profound change of mentality.

The corporate mission of IPREL Progetti is to design and develop innovative solutions and products for digitization and this means that it is also able to support companies in this process of change.
The path towards the digitalization of industrial processes requires great planning commitment in following a series of approach stages:
  • Leaner processes: to have an impact on productivity it is necessary to correct processes and adopt a leaner approach: production processes are no longer measured in terms of pieces or defects, but above all for the value they create for the customer.
  • Connect and digitize: one of the most important challenges is to use data science to increase the total effectiveness of a plant, a strategy that revolves around the concept of OEE (the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity).
  • Distinguish information from data: by integrating the know-how of the operators with the data collected, that database is created that will allow the continuous improvement of the process.
  • Information that becomes knowledge: once information is correlated and used to improve processes, we have generated knowledge. This can be documented and used by sharing it among operators.
  • Anticipating events: thanks to artificial intelligence, you may be able to predict when conditions will evolve: with the collection and analysis of data in real time, the same systems can process future trends in order to implement actions corrective measures before any problem arises.

The production ecosystem is made up of machines, data and people, internal and external to the company, but the people who make up the design team make the difference in the evolutionary scenario.

The reality of IPREL Progetti is made up of a young staff of about a hundred competent and specialized people, a human capital that has developed transversal skills over the years, and presents itself as the ideal setting for outlining this transformation.

Digitization is an increasingly necessary choice and can certainly bring many advantages to a company but it is good to remember that people cannot be replaced, rather they will cover different roles in the context described above as long as they develop new skills for a different and optimized human-machine interaction.

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